The American Nationalist Party

    The American Nationalist Party is the only political organization today that truly stands for the sovereignty, security, and dignity of the American people. The leaders of the war for independence fought, and sacrificed their lives for an America free from foreign rule; yet today we find ourselves at the mercy of foreign interests and private entities. The purpose of a government should be to promote and protect the interests of the American people, not to make a career out of accepting lobbyist bribes.

We stand with the people who have been driven to poverty and despair by the imposition of globalist initiatives, which only drive jobs out of America. 

We will reverse decades of unlimited third world immigration which has brought crime, and unemployment to our once peaceful cities.  

We will end the unchecked corporatism, and cut ties with foreign interests bleeding our country dry.

We intend to bring about a new era to once again inspire all the world!
Join us!



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