The American Ship of State

    The affairs of a great nation are often described as the “Ship of State.” It is an apt analogy.  A nation has a “captain,” officers, crew and navigator, who must sail it through endless storms, rocks, and dangers to stay afloat.  In a so-called “free” country, the people are the “navigators.” You, the citizen, are supposed to steer the American ship of state. You are supposed to elect a captain who does what YOU want done. Above all, you are supposed to set the policies of the state by majority rule. And to do the steering of the American “ship of state,” you need charts.  No matter how wise he may be, the navigator of a great ship cannot steer the vessel safely through rocks and dangers without accurate charts.  And you cannot make wise decisions on the policies for the American ship of state, without accurate facts and information – the “charts” of dangers surrounding America. Can there be any doubt about what would happen if somebody managed to give the navigator of a ship PHONY CHARTS – charts showing rocks where the channel really was – and showing a clear channel where the jagged rocks lurked to rip out the ship’s bottom? And whose fault would it be if a ship piled up on the rocks because the navigator had been given falsified charts? The navigator’s? Of course not! The fault would be entirely that of whomever forged the charts and handed them over on the honest navigator. The navigator would THINK, however, that he must have done something terribly wrong, because who would imagine anyone would be low and vile enough to substitute forged charts? The thought would never OCCUR to most honest people. That’s just what’s happening to America. That’s why we keep piling up on the rocks of Communist policies, crime, corruption and degeneracy. The good people of this great nation have been supplied with NOTHING BUT false charts, charts which show a ”safe passage” precisely where lie the deadliest rocks, and which pretend that the only possible safe channel is the path to destruction. Trusting and believing in these forged ”charts” – the phony “facts” and rigged “news” they are given – our people have innocently driven the once great American ship of state onto just about every rock there is, producing wreckage and despair. Our people have been taught that their real heroes and leaders are ”haters,” “bigots” and ”fascists,” while the real haters and bigots are exalted by our phony charts – our press – as “statesmen” and “world leaders.” We have been FORCED onto the rocks of Communism and degeneracy by the press, TV, movies, etc., which have praised every kind of rottenness and filth as “love,” “brotherhood,” etc., thus insuring that our people will sail unsuspectingly down the channel onto the rocks. And even when they keep piling up on the rocks, the people still do not suspect that anybody has palmed off forged charts on them. Rather, they naively believe that they simply didn’t try hard enough, so that next time, they smash up even harder.

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